• I'm exploring and bridging my Asian and Western roots by building cultural experiences around them

    Bangkok-based experience designer, tour guide & entrepreneur

  • Every day I wake up with new questions in my mind that drive me and my organization. Bit by bit I connect the dots and try to convert the data into content, experiences and projects.

  • What I do...

    ...to find and share the answers to my questions


    I'm an urban explorer seeking to understand the complexities of urban life


    I listen and build connections to understand local challenges and aspirations


    Based on their needs, assets and aspirations I co-design immersive urban and rural travel experiences


    I co-create and support local initiatives & projects


    I guide people through the diverse layers of Bangkok to provide meaningful insights and an epic day!


    I advocate for inclusive development and social entrepreneurship

  • Current projects and Thailand experiences I'm working on

    Mark Wiens Experience

    The Mother of all Food Tours

    Food tour collaboration with Youtube Legend Mark Wiens

    Against the Format

    Documenting Change

    Photography project with Italian Photographer Jan Daga to document threatened communities in Bangkok

    Chinatown Unplugged

    Heritage Walk

    Developing an indepth heritage tour in Bangkok's ancient Chinese neighborhoods.

    Beyond Food

    Revealing the invisible links of street food

    Developing a food tour with socio-economic focus in collaboration with Jorge Carrillo a Social Anthropologist who runs the Beyond Food Project

  • Past Projects and achievements

    Wipe the Tide

    Lead and scaled flood relief campaigns

    Santa Cause

    Chief Santa

    Civil Society 2.0

    Consultant for digital story telling

    Achievement Summit

    Delegate for social innovation

    9th Social Business Day

    Facilitator of Field Trips for delegates

  • Videos on different themes

    Sustainable Development

    Food & Heritage

    My mission with the Bangkok Heritage Week

    Our response to natural disasters

    Social Impact


  • Michael live

    Catch me and others at these events

    100 Innovations X Entrepreneurs

    September 27, 2019. Speaker and workshop on Social Business 101.

    Entrepreneurship Week 2019

    September 3, 2019. Speaker. Entrepreneurship & Innovation for a sustainable Belt and Road Region.

    Travel Massive

    September 3, 2019. Panel Speaker. Travel Entrepreneurship panel talk "How I founded it."

    Yunus Social Business Day

    June 28, 2019. Field trip facilitator.

    Future City Summit Bangkok

    July 6, 2019. Speaker. Sustainable Entertainmen

    Asia Pacific Youth Exchange Program

    Aug 14-15, 2019. Mentoring. Urban Youth Academy and UNDP on SDG and social entrepreneurship

    World Bank Learning Forum

    June 18, 2019. Facilitator. Supervision Mission.

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    Michael Biedassek



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