• Hi, I'm Michael,

    I'm a Bangkok-based urban explorer, purpose-driven entrepreneur and blogger with Thai-German roots.

    I explore the invisible Bangkok, uncover unheard stories, support inspiring ideas and craft experiences around them.

  • My Thailand

     My passion is to shine light on the condition and realities of Thailand's historic communities and the stories of its people. I want to understand and share their perspectives and support their ideas and aspirations as the government's neglect, unchecked development and inequality pose a formidable challenge to their heritage.

  • The Blog

    There are so many fascinating dimensions to Chinatown weaved into the story of Bangkok. We want...
    Chinatown is one of my favorite districts in Bangkok. Much of the origins of my urban...
    In travel blogs people talk a lot about the new make-over of the Khlong Ong Ang canal and Bangkok...
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    Thailand is my home. I craft and facilitate adventures suited for explorers, photographers and foodies searching for something different, who want to get behind the scenes, explore local cultures and contribute to the communities.


    Whether you are planning a field trip for students, company outing or a team meeting. My team and I facilitate fun and experiential experiences in collaboration with local partners in heritage preservation, sustainable food systems and other fields of entrepreneurship and social innovation.


    To alleviate your travel bug during the pandemic I offer live guided virtual tours of Bangkok. My first tour focuses on the hidden urban communities in Chinatown.


    Explore Bangkok with me from the comfort of your home.





    "If you're an explorer and don't mind the walk, I can't say this enough - Bangkok Vanguards really know how to please!"
    Alistair A. Abu Dhabi

    "Prepare yourself to fall in love with Bangkok, big times!"

    Elise A., London, UK


    “Very different, meaningful - outstanding”

    Thomas B., Cologne


    "First of all, this is not your regular 'tour'. This is basically not a tour. This is one of the only ways to see the true Bangkok - the local Bangkok."

    Kristian S., Denmark




    Have stunning pictures taken of yourself and your loved ones to level up your online presence or create special memories.


    My team and my expertise as a location scout and fixer for international media productions allows me to provide you not only with a personal photographer but with unique locations and themes for your photoshoot.


  • Mapping & exploration

    My goal for the coming years is to map my 10 favourite urban heritage landscapes in the Bangkok metropolitan region.


    The stories of communities and people, the tours and projects will be rooted in these 10 regions as well as the Tha Chi and Maeklong River basins.


    As someone who loves to ride a bike I'll do it all on a bike or on foot.

  • The QR Project

    As I explore the historic communities I learn from the people about the history and heritage but also about the challenges. One is: economic distribution.


    Local economies in many of the communities have been in decline. Tourists take photos but do not necessarily consume due to the lack of information and language barriers.


    We work with food vendors and small entrepreneurs to design menus and produce videos about them. These video stories are then accessible through a QR scan on the menus so that travellers can learn about the food and the makers of the food.


    I'd like to resume this project once the pandemic is under control, our cashflow permitting.


    My passion is to help people. Whether through story telling or providing consultation to put their ideas on safe and legal grounds. My girlfriend is a licensed lawyer and we help civil society, entrepreneurs or digital nomads to legally register their organisations or startups in Thailand.



    I'm uploading the stories of Bangkok as well as personal updates and behind the scenes to my YouTube channel.

  • Videos

    Food & Heritage with Legend Mark Wiens
    My mission with the Bangkok Heritage Week
    Our response to natural disasters
    Social Impact
  • Past Projects and achievements

    Wipe the Tide

    Lead and scaled flood relief campaigns

    Santa Cause

    Chief Santa

    Civil Society 2.0

    Consultant for digital story telling

    Achievement Summit

    Delegate for social innovation

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